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Uncontested Divorce Oklahoma - What You Need to Know and What to Avoid

When you’re trying to file for a divorce in Oklahoma, there are many things that you need to do in order to have it done properly. Unfortunately, some couples just don’t work out, but that doesn’t mean that they have to literally get a divorce on bad terms either. When you bring kids into the mixture, this is even more of a problem, and children are often subject to being in the middle of nasty divorces.

That’s why the best way to do it is to file for an uncontested divorce. This can be done properly if you hire the right person to help you with the extensive paperwork (or law firm), since that’s what most of a divorce consists of. In this guide we’ll tell you what to avoid, and how to file for an uncontested divorce.

The First Undersigned Document is the Most Important

One of the first things that you need to do is file for a petition for dissolution of marriage. This form is the form of all forms, and is the very first thing you need to use in order to tell the courts just what you’re trying to do, and why. It also informs your spouse that you want a divorce, and once the petition is reviewed, you can have your divorce finalized with a Decree of a Dissolution of Marriage.

Try to Avoid the Lawyers if Possible

When you hire the right uncontested divorce firm, you will not use a lawyer. When lawyers get involved, this is when things often get messy, and if you’re wanting a peaceful resolution, then hiring an Uncontested Divorce company will do this for you a lot cheaper than all of the lawyer’s fees, not to mention the extra things you may have to pay for if the divorce doesn’t go your way. Your uncontested divorce company will:

  • Take your petition to get notarized, and then sign the paperwork necessary to have the Notary sign everything that’s needed.
  • Provide all of the necessary copies and file your papers to the county clerk.
  • You have to wait one day at least in Oklahoma from the day you submit the documents to the courts. Then you can have your spouse sign the divorce papers. Don’t think that you can avoid this, because this is a statewide law.
  • If you don’t have children, then you don’t even have to have your spouse show up in court if you have them sign the Waiver of Appearance. If you have children, there is more paperwork, but you can still work things out and have them sign the right forms so you can figure out child support, shared custody, and more.
  • Once this is done, you’ll see the judge and you will get your court date. If you have any paperwork not filed, you can simply take that with you and show the judge. Then your divorce will be finalized!


The process is pretty simple when you hire the right company. If you use Express Documents & Mediator’s Inc., you can have them do all of the dirty paperwork and help you get the uncontested divorce you need for a very low price. Click here to get more info for an Oklahoma uncontested divorce. They’ll work efficiently and quickly in order to get everything finalized so you can go about your lives.

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